Russ Freed Up Lyrics

Russ Freed Up Lyrics

Russ Freed Up Song Lyrics

Okay, I’m freed up to do what I please, I love it
Listen to my spirit and my heart, you got to trust it

Ooh, one thing that I know is that I don’t know nothing
Jumpin’ off the cliff, yes, bitch, we jumpin’, ooh

Yeah, a cool million parked outside
You not in the circle, you’re parked outside

I’m poolside sippin’ spritzers, posin’ for the pictures
Stay on point, but I don’t have to shoot
‘Cause my crew is the Sixers

I can hear whispers, but the money louder, though
I ain’t scared of shit, I don’t care about a bitch

I bе ballin’ overseas like Caldеrón
I keep a pound at home, I found my zone, I’m in it

Hour-long set, ten thousand a minute
‘Bout to pivot into other industries and then put up a hundred G’s

On my own, ’cause the sound of winning
On my own terms gets me off

Can’t believe they really just let me walk
I’m leadin’ the pack, you only lose when you needin’ the cash
My whole soul screamin’, “Freedom at last”

Yeah, always got to make sure that I can do the job
Just incase I get played ’cause my guard’s down (Guard’s down)

‘Cause I know that as well as you know
That your very own spirit leaves when it’s dark out (Dark out)

I don’t really need a reason to go
When you bring what I bring to the table, you don’t mind eating alone
They speaking in code, I’m peepin’ it, though (Peepin’ it, though)

Back in the wild I go, and it’s where I belong right now (Belong right now)
Back in the wild I go, feelin’ free as can be (Free as a bitch)

Russ Freed Up Lyrics Info

سنة الانتاج 2020
الطرح الرسمي 22/10/2020
الفيديو الرسمي يوتيوب

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