AZIS Who Cares song Lyrics

AZIS Who Cares song Lyrics written in full

Why don’t you call me at the times that I’m down and small?
You always poppin’ when you need attention.
I was your comfort when you needed a home.
Where you now? I need someone to be my baby.

You say you know me, but who do you really know.
You only see me as an easy distraction.
But I’m the one – left in a lie.
I wanna be embraced for everything I’m givin’.

Stop in the middle, and see the tears in my eyes.
Stop in the middle, between the truth and your lies.
Stop in the middle, middle, middle.
Stuck in the middle of the truth and your lies.

Who cares, who cares. See my bleeding heart, I’m askin’.
Who cares, who cares. Feel my bleeding heart, I’m askin’.

I’ve had enough, I need some lovin’ just to get me through the night,
the night.

Info About AZIS Who Cares song

Ruth Koleva & Rachel Row Lyrics
AZIS Music
Iskrata Аrrangement
Peter Kostov (Bate Pesho) Mixing and mastering
Ludmil Ilarionov – Lusi Directed
YouTube Video clip
Production year 2020
06/02/2020 Release Date
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